D M R – T V Commercial

With all the recent past advertisements, brands seemed to carry value only if the celebrities are involved and swagger about the products. But Mr. Swamy has a different vision about presenting products, which can be very much seen in the AD film of DMR Inner wears. He broke the tradition of faming the product with the celebrity….instead he made every common man look and feel like a celebrity. The jingle and the language used is so tranquil that the message that conveyed so clearly. The group of youngsters who endorse these vests and briefs are made to look so comfortable that one is assured the comfortability is from within due to these inner wears.

D M R TVC  came up with a mind blowing message to the consumers  – Wear It with Pride!

Brand DMR Supreme, DMR Dezire, DMR blush
Product Vests and Briefs
Medium TVC
Agency None
Creative Director Kumar D Swamy
Film Production Swamy Films
Film Director Kumar D Swamy
Lyrics Kumar D Swamy
Music Kumar D Swamy
Arranger Ajay Bisth
Camera S Bharathwaz

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