Hakim Masala

Indian women is always dignified by her cooking. But with this fast life and busy schedule, we are losing that traditional essence of taste and health. Hakim Masala is one such product which brings back the authentic Mughal taste in the cooking. It is a Masala that completes the taste with so much of ease that even salt need not be added while cooking.

Mr. Swamy very ingeniously allied this message in the add film with an emotional touch. A bride is being gifted the Hakim Masala by her mother as a secret to triumph hearts at her in-laws’.The idea that has been so executed so well in the add film is a classic example of indulgent.

Message: Even Mughalai can be cooked instantly without any proper training

Promoted Brand : Hakim
Type of Product : Readymade Masala
Medium : TV Commercial
Agency : None
Creative Director : Kumar D Swamy
Production : Swamy Films
Film Director : Kumar D Swamy
Camera : G R N Shiva