Rajhans Kayakalp Oil

Indian Knowledge and Inventions in medicine industry are immense since ages. Our ancestors lived longer and healthier as they followed these confined ayurvedic traditional methods. In today’s world, due to reckless traffic and hectic schedule body pain is one common problem everywhere. With enormous advertisements most of the crowd is cheated and made to consume the un-promising tablets which can cause side-effects.

Mr. Swamy made a nice effort of making the crowd understand the importance of avoiding tablets and using the Rajhans Kaya Kalp oil for the relief from external pain of the body. The idea and the concept is executed so impeccably that the message is transported without anything missing.
Message – Apply the oil for any external pain instead of taking tablets

Promoted Brand
: Rajhans Products
Type of Product : Rajhans Kaya Kalp Oil
Medium : TV Commercial
Agency : None
Creative Director : Kumar D Swamy
Production : Swamy Films
Film Director : Kumar D Swamy
Camera : Chandan Kawli