Cinema can be a perfect healer, a transformer, a game changer in life provided the work of a story teller is done with real essence and unreal patience……

– Swamy

A Story That Thrills You For Nine Minutes

9 MIN , fiction

कई बार जिंदगी में , सड़कों पर सफर करते करते , हम कुछ ऐसे हादसों से गुजर जातें हैं, जो हकीकत तो होतें है पर दिल है कि मानने को तैयार ही नहीं होता । NH 48 – कुछ ऐसे ही दो अजनबियों की कहानी है जो जीवन की मौजूदा हक़ीक़त को आईना दिखाती हुई धीरे से दबे पाँव निकल जाती है किसी हादसे की तरह

Sometimes, in life ,while travelling on the roads , we do encounter certain incidents which are real but not accepted by the heart . NH48 – is also a similar story of two strangers that reflects the harsh realities of life and quietly walks away, just like an incident of some body, somehow, somewhere …


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    Client – Seth Brothers
    Product – Medicine
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    DMR Banian – Hosiery

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    About Us

    Swamy Films, with a mission of providing excellence and enormity of genres, such as feature films, short films, TV Commercials, documentaries, music production and many more under one crown, was established as private limited company by Mr. Kumar D Swamy. The house, at the resourceful and efficient hands of him and his meticulous team, has evolved as one of the leading full service enterprise with extensive range of capabilities after a long journey of over a decade.

    Corporate Films

    The Road- Though this was a corporate film made for Infrastructure Developers Pvt Ltd, but it demonstrates creative inclination of the team. We, at Swamy Films, are known to explore every product as an organic entity. This allows us to give life to our clients’ aspirations and imagination; Road is evidence of that.

    The Founder

    Kumar D Swamy has established himself as a director, producer and writer with over a decade’s experience in the field of cinema. His experience of life in Delhi after his graduation encouraged him to undertake an alternative medium of narrating life and its stories. He moved in this direction by starting his career as a news research consultant for various media names. Nonetheless, he first came to prominence in 2001 with his debut documentary film titled “Maner: An Undead History” for DD Metro.

    Later, his serendipitous encounter with Bombay film industry through various television series and feature films under the renowned banners led his creative soul to see the faultlines. Therefore, to address these gaps and faultlines at creative front, he decided and established his own production house under the title “Swamy Films” in 2002. His gusto and potential soon succeeded in acquiring his debut commercial film from Panoramic Group of Companies. His introductory commercial was as challenging as his ideas, since it was on Herbo hair oil and that was the time when herbal was entering the competitive world of commercials for the first time. Swamy managed to handle the plan with astonishing maturity of ideas and actions. Later on “Dawn to Dusk”, his first informational film on drugs got appreciation award in 2003 by Films Division and was screened at various national and international film festivals. With the special gift of conceiving a social idea and turning it into a creative extravaganza, Swamy has the ability to create a cinematic carnival of colours and stories. His special attention to details, aptitude for colours and frames, as well as narrative dexterity enables him to provide Midas touch to every project he undertakes.

    Our Experts

    Dr. Kiranpreet Kaur Baath

    Dr. Kiranpreet Kaur Baath

    Creative Head ,Writer, novelist, poet

    Adarsh Narayana D

    Adarsh Narayana D

    Head IT & Digital Solution, Project Design

    Giribala Thomas

    Giribala Thomas

    Business Plan & Execution, HR

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    From Our Clients

    In Given , even constraint budget , swamy has ability to manage, without spoiling the quality of the said film. I like him as a core creative guy, his working way is very good indeed. And of course a wonderful director.

    Ramesh Santaani
    CMD ( DMR )

    When we were toying with an idea of making film for our sundaram notebook and e class, it was very raw till swamy entered, after his entry entire idea became quite live and visualised clearly. He did a superb job for us, I wish him a great future.

    Amrut Shah

    The film mr swamy did, its simply superb and upto our expectations. Our oxy bleach is a premium brand and he has explained it well.

    Sunita Ramnathkar
    Fem Farmaceutical

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