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Swamy Films, with a mission of providing excellence and enormity of genres, such as feature films, short films, TV Commercials, documentaries, music production and many more under one crown, was established as private limited company by Mr. Kumar D Swamy. The house, at the resourceful and efficient hands of him and his meticulous team, has evolved as one of the leading full service enterprise with extensive range of capabilities after a long journey of over a decade.

The Vision of establishing Swamy Films as “hub of multi-tasking and multi-genre experts who thrive for wearing many caps with pleasure and perfection” is to an extent been lived everyday through the growing range of genres. The team has most recently tapped into the digital world of creativity through the release of a short film NH 48 on digital platform HOTSTAR, which became an overnight sensation and also allowed MXPLAYER to recommend it to the audience. The company is now coming up with two astounding feature films with international value in terms of content and market. We, at Swamy Films, understand our Clients and their Needs. We believe in aligning intelligence, economy and quality together.

The Production House is one of a form that can present you with the required outcomes while keeping in view all the possibilities and needs of the Client. We work in association with our clients, thereby, making Swamy Films a client-centred enterprise.

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Our Philosophy

‘The Revolution introduced me to art, and in turn, art introduced me to the Revolution’ Albert Einstein

We, at Swamy films, understand the power and potential of art and cinema in revolutionising the world order. Therefore while capturing or creating stories with the camera, we work towards redefining and restructuring the existing entertainment industry as well as social structure.

Our films, covering almost every genre, such as comedy, thriller, drama and docudrama, are an endeavour towards recreating the social harmony and insightful narratives. We work towards bringing the world closer through art and cinema. Also, our advertisement ventures follow the principle of educating, guiding and serving the clients for the better as well as cost effective portrayal of their products. We take their product and lead them to make it a global brand, thus reinventing the congenial provider-client relationship in a very impersonal advertising industry. We are committed for retrieving the classical lustre of the melody, which seems absent or altogether lost in the contemporary musical landscape. Our musical enterprise aspires to produce the essence of ‘melody’ that has the potential to connect with wide range of audience.

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