Case Study

Sundaram Multi Pap India Ltd.

– Case Description

The project Sundaram came our way as an advertisement campaign but the product, which was education, deserved more attention and understanding. Sundaram, a progressive organisation, was engaged in revolutionising education through pioneering in E-Class, Smart schools, and Institutions along with dealing in cost-effective quality stationary. To integrate all the three varied products in one film, while upholding the publicity value as well as not losing the basic message of education, was a challenge for us.

Trial Summary

Keeping this extraordinary and extensive venture of the company in our attention, and simultaneously being sensitive to the need of the company we created a jingle. The jingle not only publicised the company but also communicated their noble cause – the jingle was conceived and written to enlighten pan-India about the vitality of education. We also tried to narrate a story of education reformists, such as B.R.Ambedkar, and Swami Vivekanand, from Indian history. The cinematic portrayal of the jingle involved actual students, educationists as well as all other stakeholders.


As unique as this concept was, its making was also incredibly unique. We understood that the product is of equal value to everyone- rich/poor, or rural/urban India, therefore it should not only reach every nook and corner of the country but also involve everyone. After all, education should be a right and not a luxury. To achieve this sense, we travelled with our cameras from Mumbai, Uttrakhand, and Dhanulti. We filmed students of all age groups, from all public and private schools, colleges and universities. Though Roop Kumar Rathod was signed to give the magical voice to the jingle but to maintain the virtuousness and organic tone of children, we filmed the students without informing them.

Final Result

The project, through the jingle, made everyone: students of public or private schools, every kind of institute, educationist, sing ‘SUNDARAM’ in one rhythmic tone. More than making Sundaram a brand for education and versatility, the advertisement also demonstrated the ability of Swamy films to deal with complex and insightful subjects.

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